Seattle is beautiful
in the winter,

but I have not always felt this way. If there is one thing that I’ve learned in the last few years, it is that you are where you are, and that beauty is everywhere.

Over the last ten years, I’ve pursued a degree in International Studies, minored in Dance and played rugby at the University of Washington, moved to Brazil, pursued a career as a professional kiteboarder, founded a painting company, worked as a hand in the local labor union, tended bar, bussed tables, surfed, climbed, and many things in between. I’ve lived all over Brazil, in San Diego, Hood River, Seattle and Vale. I speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently. My travels have also taken me to Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Rome. I’ve seen the face, as well as the underbelly of these places and met many wonderful people along the way. The relationships that I have forged with other human beings have defined my life. These experiences inform my day to day, and it is for them that I am thankful to be living and breathing on this planet.

Over the last four years, I have pursued a degree in Interaction Design from the University of Washington, interned at Amazon and frog, and worked as a freelance designer in the areas of Interaction, Visual Communication and Industrial Design.

While the University landscape bears stark contrast to the wide-open beaches of Brazil, the life of a painting contractor, the back of a bar or the inside of a union hall, similarities can be found everywhere. Lessons learned in one can indeed be applied to the other.

Everyone is an interaction designer. Every day we create experiences for other living things... whether it’s an environment, a brand, an interface or a handshake. The quality of these experiences define who we are.

I am interested in making this planet a more enjoyable place to live, love, work and play. As a designer, I aspire to solve real- world problems with elegant solutions that are both technically and aesthetically sound... game-changing and inspirational. I am as fond of research and high level problem solving, as I am of look and feel, and I am particularly interested in the potential that design has for driving positive social change.

I take my inspiration from everything around me: people, places, art, history, design, language... the classically beautiful as well as the grit... because in Design, particularly Interaction Design, it all matters.